Commissioning Management (CM)

The Commissioning Management Services applied to new, existing or renovated facilities and fit out projects ensure that the systems, assemblies and equipment meet the Owner´s/End User´s functional requirements regarding comfort, efficiency, reliability, safety and sustainability.

Commtech´s proposals are:

Project Commissioning Management (CxM)

From the project conception/design stage through the post-occupancy operation and maintenance, the scope of PCxM includes the management, planning, coordination, supervision, validation and documentation of the whole building´s systems, assemblies and equipment Commissioning Process. The purpose is to verify compliance with the functional objectives. To that end, Commtech proposes, in addition to the design commissionability review, the definition of the testing scope, the delivery of the Commissioning Master Plan and System Manual and the supervision of the building´s initial operation and maintenance right after the handover.

Independent Validation (VCx)

The VCx scope consists of a documented validation of the functional performance of the facilities, systems, assemblies and equipment once the corresponding contractors and manufacturers have conducted the various tests, whose results should have met the project design values and conditions.

Continuous Commissioning (CxC)

The CxC scope is a continuation of the Commissioning Process after the handover stage to verify that a facility continues to meet the pertinent functional requirements throughout its life cycle by scheduling deferred tests and identifying potential improvement opportunities in operation and maintenance and monitoring systems, assemblies and equipment performance.

Re- Commissioning (RCx)

The RCx scope consists of commissioning an existing facility in order to improve integrated systems, assemblies and equipment operation and maintenance when the facility was not subjected to a rigorous Commissioning Process in origin, thus causing many original functional issues to become chronic. The RCx Process can help to solve these known issues, identify and correct new ones, improve efficiency and extend equipment life cycle, and also optimize the maintenance strategy and the overall building performance.

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